Tsagain Myo: View near the River

Tsagain Myo: View near the River

Linnaeus Tripe

In addition to painting clouds into his photographs, Tripe frequently retouched the foliage. Green and red tones were often underexposed because of the limitations of early photographic chemistry, making foliage appear darker and less articulated in the final print than to the eye. Tripe compensated by retouching his negatives with a series of marks that stood for leaves or their highlights. He also used delicate strokes to suggest light transmitted through a latticework of vegetation. credited by https://www.metmuseum.org/

The Irrawadi at the time of the freshes, inundates the country for some distance from its banks; the necessity therefore of building on piles, as above seen is very evident.

Object Details

Title : Tsagain Myo: View near the River

Artist : Linnaeus Tripe

Date : 1855

Dimensions : Image : 35 x 26 cm (13.17 x 10.6 in)

Mount : 47.3 x 39 cm (18.12 x 15.6 in)

Classification : Photograph

Location : Universities’ Central Library