Institutional Repository

Institutional Repositories (IR) are outcome of UCL’s ongoing Digital Archiving and Preservation Projects that had been working since 2000, under the guidance of Sayagyi U Thaw Kaung and his successors Sayamagyi Daw Tin Phone Nwe and Daw Tin Win Yee.

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UCL is continue digitizing and creating more collections, especially hard-to-find rare books, articles, photos, manuscripts, paintings, pay, parabike, etc. and going to publish in this Institutional Repository.

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Institutional Repositories

National Heritage of Colour Parabike
Special Collections


Dr. Thaw Kaung Collection

Dr. Thaw Kaung 2  Dr. Thaw Kaung


Dr. Than Tun Collection

Dr Than-Tun  Dr. than Tun  Dr. than Tun 2


U Pe Maung Tin Collection



Dr. Htin Aung Collection

Dr. Htin Aung


Palm-leaf Manuscript Collections


Folded Paper (Parabike)

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