Where is the library located?

At the corner of Adipati (Chancellor) Road and Sagaing Road, Yangon University (Main) Campus, University Avenue, Kamayut Township, Yangon.


Can you tell me about the library and its history?

You can visit our “About Us” page at our website.


Can I donate books or other materials to the Library?

Yes, you can. And also, we can distribute them to other libraries.


Can I use a computer in your library?

Yes, you can. You can also get free Wi-Fi access.


How and where can I make copies in the Library?

There is a copying service in the library.


Where can I get more help?

You can visit to our website: www.uclmyanmar.org and can ask more help on Ask a Librarian page.


Can a librarian help me if the Library is closed?

Ask a Librarian is available to provide reference help to all users, even when particular libraries may be closed.


How can I find electronic resources? (or) Where can I find full-text books online?

There are numerous e-Databases on our e-Resources page that provide access to full-text articles and books in our library website.


Are there microfilm materials and how do I use it?

We microfilmed many periodicals. So, we provide a microfilming reader in the library.


Do you have any restriction for library members?

We mainly provide students and teachers but we also give services to researchers. If you are an outsider, you can also read the books and copy or scan the page under our library rules.


What are the requirements for library membership?

You need (2) passport photos, a student ID card and an enrollment paid receipt from your university.


How many books can I borrow?

We allows a maximum of (5) books for (1) month for teachers and (5) books for (2) weeks for students.


Can I renew my checked out books?

Yes you can. But you will have to renew before the over due date.


How many e-resources are available in your library?     

There are numerous e-Databases in our library website. These are supported by Open Society Foundation (OSF) and i-Group.


How many pages are allowed to copy from a book?

We allow (30) pages from reference books, thesis and palm-leaf manuscripts.


Can I get the contact phone and e-mail?

Off: 951 (01) 536927, 535847, 534979.

e-mail: [email protected]


How can I find your catalogue?

You can search it in our website at Online Public Access Catalog”.


Can you help me when I create a library?

We can give you advice as well as training.


Can you also provide the book through email?

If there is an electronic format, we can send via email.