National Heritage of Colour Parabike

These parabikes are largest collections of colour parabike in Myanmar.It is unique because, these are the original, primary, and complete sources. Among the 4000 parabikes collected at Universities’ Central Library, these 8 colour parabikes are the most outstanding. Moreover, they are extremely rare. The earliest piece was dated back to early 19th century and they are still in good condition. They are already digitized and given free access to public. These collections have been studied by international scholars every year. The illustrations are records of Life of Buddha, Waithanthayar Jataka, Buddhist Ordination Hall, 100 Maids Honor of Royal Palace, Donation of King Mindone (Myanmar era 1206 – 1222), Taming the Violence elephant, Tournament on Horseback and 31 Planes of Existence.

The colours used in illustrations are in red, orange, black, green, blue, yellow, white, pink and some other bright colours that are very attractive. Moreover, the paints are natural dye without any chemicals. As a result parabikes are still in very good condition and shape. These 8 colour parabikes should be registered as memory of world because of its historical, social, customary and artistic and religious significant. These parabikes have already been digitized and given free access online.