Pugahm Myo: Carved Doorway

Pugahm Myo: Carved Doorway

Linnaeus Tripe

The elaborately carved Shwe Zeegong Pagoda was the most popular Buddhist pilgrimage site at Pugahm Myo. As Tripe noted, it was “one of the favourite places of worship in Burma on account of the tooth-relic from Ceylon” and a “frontal bone” relic of Buddha inside the stupa. credited by https://www.metmuseum.org/

This is in the Court of Shwe Zeegong. It is ruinous and out of the perpendieular, but very interesting, and, being one of many in the same Court and all differing, shows how fertile in design the Burmese are.

Object Details

Title : Pugahm Myo: Carved Doorway

Artist : Linnaeus Tripe

Date : 1855

Dimensions : Image : 26.7 x 32.3 cm (10.10 x 12.15 in)

Mount : 37.8 x 47.9 cm (14.17 x 18.16 in)

Classification : Photograph

Location : Universities’ Central Library