Amerapoora: Schia Pagoda

Amerapoora: Schia Pagoda

Linnaeus Tripe

This is the resort of Astrologers, (Brahmins, natives of India, or Munipore) who sit on the ground under the spacious Colonnades of the Pagoda with mysterious looking scrolls and diagrams before them, quite ready to reward liberality after their own fashion.

Object Details

Title : Amerapoora: Schia Pagoda

Artist : Linnaeus Tripe

Date : 1855

Dimensions : Image : 33.9 x 25.5 cm (13.7x 10 in)

Mount : 45.8 x 38.6 cm (18.1 x 15.4 in)

Classification : Photograph

Location : Universities’ Central Library