Pugahm Myo: Ananda Pagoda

Pugahm Myo:  Ananda Pagoda

Linnaeus Tripe

“The Infinite.” It was built about A. D. 1060, and restored during the present century and is now in perfect repair. The chant of the worshippers, the lofty aisles with their long vistas, make this building resemble a Christian Cathedral rather than a Heathen Temple.

Object Details

Title : Pugahm Myo:  Ananda Pagoda

Artist : Linnaeus Tripe

Date : 1855

Dimensions : Image : 33.6 x 24.3 cm (13.4 x 9.12 in)

Mount : 46.5 x 38.5 cm (18 x 15.3 in)

Classification : Photograph

Location : Universities’ Central Library