Pugahm Myo: Chapinyu Pagoda

Pugahm Myo: Chapinyu Pagoda

Linnaeus Tripe

“The Omniscient” It is about 230 feet square, and 200 feet high; divided into two stages, each stage into two stories. An Arched corridor passes round each stage, with arched doorways opening outwards; opposite those on the ground story are sitting figures of Gautama. In the centre of each side of the lower stage, is a projecting wing with a lofty doorway, opening into a vestibule: this forms a centre porch to the corridor, a colossal seated figure of Gautama facing it. The centre of the building is a solid mass of Masonry terminated by a bulging pyramidal spire crowned by a tee. Its date is about 1100. A. D.

Object Details

Title : Pugahm Myo: Chapinyu Pagoda

Artist : Linnaeus Tripe

Date : 1855

Dimensions : Image : 34.6 x 26.1 cm (13.10 x 10.5 in)

Mount : 46.3 x 39.1 cm (18.4 x 15.7 in)

Classification : Photograph

Location : Universities’ Central Library